3D board wall panel won Design Awards

    3D board wall panel won 2015 IDEA Design Award
August 22, 2015, Seattle, United States, the famous Industrial Designers Society of America has invited Chinese products 3D background wall to participate in the IDEA awards ceremony.
3dboard windmill
3dboard windmill
3dboard windmill
3dboard windmill
This is the product won the fifth design awards around world, but also the international design community recognition of China’s intellectual products.
3D wave panel wall is easy to install, stylish and beautiful, free combination can be colored, sold in 80 countries and regions. Both art and decorative products with exclusive patent.
    The 3Dboard-windmill is an interior wall decoration made from bamboo and cane. It is installed by gluing it to the wall surface. The textured surface, which is suitable for both public and private spaces, can be painted, allowing interior designers and homeowners to customize the 3Dboard-windmill to match the decor.
    Designed by: Mr. Ma yue, Mr. Li jianyu
     List of awards:
2013 STDIA golden award
2014 CBDA award
2014 Successful design award,Shanghai Design Week
2014 Red Star China Design Award
2015 Golden Pin Design Award,Taiwan
2016 Design Intelligence Award, Hangzhou

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